Loki and the Top Shelf

11 01 2013

kid_loki_determinedI wrote this one after I noticed that you don’t actually see any chairs in Asgard in the Thor movie. Thrones, yes. Regular chairs, no. I took that observation, and ran with it.

Long ago in Asgard, back when the nine realms were much younger than they are today, the sons of Odin both developed a fondness for strawberry jam. The two boys would put it on everything, resulting in such culinary monstrosities as roast pheasant with strawberry jam, jam-marinated salmon, strawberry jam with carrots and surströmming stuffed with strawberry jam. Asgard very quickly found its strawberry stocks depleted, and Odin was forced to take drastic measures. Read the rest of this entry »


Doc Ock vs the TSA

4 01 2013


I wrote a silly little story about Doc Ock trying to get past airport security.

The digital clock overhanging the security checkpoint flicked over to 15:00. Easy, Otto thought as he checked the flight time on his ticket There were still three hours and ten minutes to spare before boarding ended. Might even have time for a coffee before I leave. He carefully stowed his ticket at the front of the folder that contained all his other important documents – passport, medical certificate detailing the permanent nature of his cybernetic implants, security clearance from both the US and Japanese governments, a presidential order giving temporary immunity to the legal consequences of any past acts of supervillainy, and so on. One could almost thank the Japanese for letting their nuclear reactor melt down so badly. Their need for his expertise to help clean up after Fukushima fit in perfectly with his desire to take an overseas holiday. Travelling was always so hard to do when you were not only wanted for various crimes, but also unable to remove the weapons with which you committed them. Read the rest of this entry »