22 12 2012

The_Tempest_2010_posterI watched the 2010 Julie Taymor screen adaption of The Tempest recently. I hadn’t seen TheTempest in a fair while – not since I saw my high school’s Year 12 drama production of the play[1] – and was keen to watch it again. In this adaption, Prospero has been changed to Prospera, giving Helen Mirren a chance to take the role. I was pretty excited to see a woman play one of Shakespeare’s leading characters, and as the movie began, I wasn’t disappointed. Helen Mirren brings an aura of power and harshness to Prospera’s character, and her screen chemistry with Felicity Jones gave some delightful mother-daughter scenes. I also enjoyed seeing Ben Whishaw’s delightfully naked Ariel. Things were going well. Until, that is, I got to meet Djimon Hansou’s Caliban, whose portrayal I found to be problematic, to say the least. Read the rest of this entry »


Dating Othello

3 12 2012

othello-and-desdemona-in-venice-1850I’ve dated Othello in the past. Twice. Let’s call them Othello #1 and Othello #2, with the Othello of the play being just plain Othello. Well, ok, neither of the Othellos I dated were black (though Othello #2 was Asian, which gives a nice parallel with the racial issues), but they were jealous, and rather than confront their own jealousy, both of them decided to take it out on me instead. I don’t feel like talking much about my time with Othello #1 right now (though I quite possibly will at a later date), but seeing as Othello #2 was a particularly recent event, I would like to discuss instead how watching Othello has helped me to understand what I went through with him. Read the rest of this entry »